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Here, you will find current community efforts including FORTs Scholarship, The King Solomon Award (KSA) and organizations we support.

FORT International's Social Responsibility is the backbone of its success. Our vision started from the inception of our parent company Kameleon Enterprises. Through FORT International, philanthropy, and community support have been an active part of our business model, and as the world evolves, we continue to expand our impact to different areas all while staying true to our commitment to assit others in education or career.

FORT is a strong supporter of Quality Education which is one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Through our KSA Scholarship which started in 2009, we intend to do our part not only for this particular goal, but for other SDG goals as well.

To get an indepth look at our Social Responsibility Roadmap, Click Here

What's Happening?

SDG 4 Quality Education

Since 2009, FORT's KSA has awarded over $92,000 in scholarships; Essay Submissions for 2023 will be accepted soon!

First Annual FORT Community Event

Want to be involved and don't know how? Stay tuned for our first ever annual summer event in 2023; bringing friends, family and partners together for all things community. Help us create 1,000 Purple Bags for Mission Hope!

Product Donations

Donations are a year around effort at FORT. One of the many things we do in the communities we serve is donating products to organizations we support. In 2022, FORT decided to start tracking its product donation reach to these communities. To date, we have donated 332 cases and counting of linen & amenities, janitorial supplies and food service disposables.

Our Newsletter

FORT started sharing insights, fun facts, points of view, and much more through our Newsletter at the beginning of 2022. You can check out our previous and current editions here. Click on the link below

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