Application and Scholarship Information

Each year, a Proverb is selected from the book of Proverbs for applicants to craft an essay about a person who embodies the essence and sagacity of the chosen text. Our aspiration is to motivate you, regardless of the results, to incorporate reading or listening to a Proverb to your daily routine. This forms the core of the King Solomon Award Scholarship, acting as a universal "how-to guide" for decision making, irrespective of one's faith, political perspectives, or gender.

Applicants are asked to compose a narrative essay centered around an individual in their lives who truly embodies the character and wisdom of the selected proverb. This person could be a parent, a role model, or even someone who disregarded the advice of the proverb, leading to a valuable lesson learned. Unfold the story and share the insights gained from this experience. Given that the proverb contains multiple passages with distinct emphases, we ask applicants to select a specific topic within it and focus your essay on that particular aspect, making it the foundation of your narrative.

Eligible Applicants Are:
  • High school seniors or an HBCU freshman
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (weighted or unweighted)

This Year’s Required Documents Include:

  • Application and Media Waiver Form
  • Cover letter which should be limited to one page. Give a brief overview of your identity, current grade, school name, future aspirations, and the relevance of the scholarship to your goals.
  • Essay with minimum 1,000 word count (submit as WORD file. docx)
  • Copy of your unofficial transcript

Only the first 100 essays in each category received will be eligible for the Scholarship Award. No essays will be accepted after the Deadline of March 1st, 11:59:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Winners will be announced on April 1st yearly and communicated via email.

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