Meet Our Members!

Starting in 2022, and due to the growth of our scholarship, a decision was made to recruit enthusiastic volunteer committee members to assist in the grading and selection process. Our Scholarship committee members bring valuable benefits such as life and professional experience, diverse outlooks, local community knowledge, and the human touch we seek.

Our goal is to have a panel of members who can objectively judge applications and ensure that recipients are selected in a fair and consistent way based on certain criteria.

We welcome you to meet our current members!

Holly Carrington
Member Since 2022

Holly Carrington, a seasoned professional in medical practice management, brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to the King Solomon Award Scholarship (KSA) voluntary committee.

With a dynamic career spanning roles as a Director of Operations, Medical Practice Manager, and Coordinator, Holly has honed versatile leadership skills in overseeing high-volume multispecialty surgical practices, managing over 80,000 patient visits and 6,000 surgical procedures annually. Her dedication to resolving patient and employee challenges through innovative solutions has significantly boosted patient satisfaction, operational efficiency, and team morale. Having navigated roles at esteemed healthcare institutions like Jefferson Health and Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

Holly's track record reflects her commitment to operational excellence and patient-centered care, making her a valuable asset to the KSA committee, where her expertise in organizational leadership, data analysis, and policy formulation will shape the scholarship's future.

Keith Conerly
Member Since 2022

Keith Conerly, a dynamic leader in executive-level operations and strategic planning, stands as a distinguished voluntary committee member associated with the King Solomon Award Scholarship (KSA).

With an extensive career marked by strategic expertise in operational leadership, risk assessment, and cross-functional management, Keith has made significant impacts in roles spanning various prestigious institutions. His achievements at Sodexo, where he served as Vice President Operations for Corporate Services, reflect his adeptness in client relationship management, contract negotiations, and policy compliance, enhancing regional profitability by noteworthy margins. His tenure as Director of Quality & Contract Compliance and later as Client Executive within Sodexo Healthcare showcased his prowess in streamlining processes and securing substantial savings through Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Keith's remarkable career journey underscores his commitment to operational excellence, strategic relationships, and innovative problem-solving, making him a valuable contributor to the KSA committee's strategic vision and execution.

Kadisha Springer
Member Since 2022

Kadisha Springer, a seasoned leader in the hospitality industry with over 11 years of experience, currently serves as the Director of Food and Nutrition at George Washington University Hospital, overseeing operations at a prestigious academic medical center.

Her tenure involves supervising a substantial team, managing procurement, and shaping policies to enhance customer service and operational efficiency. Her background includes pivotal roles as a General Manager at Southern Maryland Hospital and an Operations Manager at Morrison in Georgetown University Hospital, showcasing her knack for driving revenue growth, fostering client relationships, and implementing innovative dining programs. Kadisha's multifaceted career journey extends to her previous role as an Office Manager, highlighting her versatility in administrative roles. Currently enrolled in the Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Program for Certified Dietary Manager at the University of North Dakota, Kadisha's educational pursuits reflect her commitment to ongoing professional development.

As a dedicated committee member for the King Solomon Award Scholarship (KSA), Kadisha brings a wealth of operational acumen, strategic thinking, and a profound commitment to nurturing growth opportunities within the community.

Dr. Germany Dixon
Member Since 2022

Dr. Germany Dixon, an accomplished academic leader and integral part of the King Solomon Award Scholarship (KSA) committee, brings over 15 years of expertise in higher education and business.

Holding a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Leadership and Management along with an MBA and a Master of Science in Health Management, his extensive educational background aligns with his commitment to nurturing future leaders. Currently serving as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Palm Beach State College, Dr. Dixon oversees multiple departments, secures funding for STEM initiatives, and forges partnerships with esteemed institutions like Florida Atlantic University and Brookhaven National Laboratories.

His dynamic teaching methodologies, honed through roles as an Adjunct Professor at Atlantis University and Broward College, have significantly impacted student learning outcomes and critical thinking skills. Beyond academia, his leadership in healthcare management and business administration, showcased at CIOX Health and Mercy Hospital, underscores his commitment to operational excellence and innovative strategies.

Dr. Dixon's holistic approach to education, reflected in research on the influence of Black Male Leadership in Education and community involvement, positions him as a vital force in shaping future scholars through KSA, fostering academic excellence and social impact.

Troy Williams
Member Since 2022

Troy Williams, a seasoned veteran in the food service industry with over three decades of experience, has taken on multifaceted roles, including his current position as a Client Executive at Sodexo North America.

With a rich background as a culinary instructor at Ballou S.T.A.Y. Opportunity Academy in Ward 8, Washington, DC, Troy demonstrated a profound commitment to shaping young adults' futures. During his tenure, he maintained an exceptional attendance rate and graduated over 1200 students while successfully placing 85% of them in industry jobs.

Troy's dedication extends to his long-standing involvement with the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) where, alongside his wife Yvette Williams, he has guided and empowered students, securing scholarships worth over $11 million for pursuing hospitality education and facilitating numerous job placements, ensuring each participant finds a clear career trajectory.

As a key member of the voluntary committee for the King Solomon Award Scholarship (KSA), Troy brings a wealth of hands-on expertise, mentorship, and a profound dedication to nurturing aspiring talents in the food service industry.

Interested In Becoming a Volunteer Committee Member?

Committees are vital to the growth and development of any organization and one's self.

Joining a committee is one of the easiest ways to get involved in society or community.

Why are scholarship committee volunteers needed? While grading systems or grading rubrics may give the best grades, they cannot measure heart, drive, desire, or talent, the qualities of character that allow individuals to overcome the hardships in life to become successful contributors to society!

Are you ready to serve but don't know how? This is a great way to do so!