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King Solomon Award Scholarship Program
Application and Media Waiver

Every year, a Proverb is chosen for applicants to write an essay on someone that best exemplifies the character and wisdom of said Proverb. Our hope is to inspire you regardless of the outcome to read or listen to one Proverb a day as a part of your daily routine. 

This is the spine of the KSA Scholarship, a “how to guide” on decision making regardless of faith, political views or gender.

The 2022 - 2023 King Solomon Award Scholarship essay will be based on Proverb 3

The essay will be a narrative based on someone in your life that best exemplifies the character and wisdom of said proverb; parent, role model, or even someone who did not heed the advice of said proverb, and the lesson learned from this mistake.
Tell a story and what you have gained from it. As the proverb is broken down into many different passages with different emphasis, choose one topic and hone in on it so it can be the base of your essay.

Please DO NOT give a detailed explanation of the meaning of each verse.

Remember, only the first 100 essays in each category received will be eligible for Scholarship Award. 
Essay should be in word format responding to the prompt on the application with a
minimum word count of 1,000.

No essays will be accepted after the Deadline, there will be no exceptions. 

Please email essay to:

Subject: KSA Application 2022 - 2023 and Your Full Name

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The KSA Pledge
Do you pledge to stay in contact with us so we can follow your educational career? As mentioned above, staying engaged with us during your journey will also help us gather information that might help other applicants who participate in our program in the future. You may also get communication that can be of interest as our scholarship expands its reach! You may get communications from us via email from time to time.

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