How Do We Select and Support Like-minded Organizations?

While the SDG Goals were only developed in 2015, FORT was always clear on one principle, giving back to help those in need!

Once these goals and targets were established by The United Nations, FORT decided to create a clear roadmap to understand how we can further our impact, all while aligning with FORT's Purpose Mission & Vision.

Joining forces with our neighbors is an important step in accomplishing true long lasting impact, as the seeds we plant today will surely sprout tomorrow.

To date, FORT has donated over $250,000.00 USD to organizations with like-minded principles, and below you will find some of the Non-Profits we have either donated to through products, funds, or our most valuable asset...Time.

We encourage you to support them and hope that like us, you join them and become part of the change our world desperately needs! As such, The FORT Organization welcomes you to join our journey, one where we can all learn, grow, and give back in an effort to leave a Legacy worth our lifetime.

Want to learn more about the SDG Goals? Check out this amazing video!

We The People' for The Global Goals

Miami Rescue Mission
The Caring Place

The Caring Place began providing services to citizens in South Florida a 100 years ago. We support this organizations because of their commitment to assist our local communities. This organization is the true definition of community outreach and touches upon so many important SDG goals.

FORT's decision to donate products, funds and our time was a simple one to make! Going hungry is something no one should have to endure, being able to serve the community in this way is truly magical. Their vision is powerful.....

What is their vision? No One Is Homeless

And their Mission...

"Transform the lives of homeless men, women and children through comprehensive residential programs to effect lasting change and empower them to be productive members of society. We provide food, shelter, substance abuse treatment, education, computer literacy, job placement, healthcare, spiritual development and housing with Christian love, compassion and encouragement."

Find out more about them, and join the army of citizens who care
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The Water Project

Clean, Safe and Reliable Water

"The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing reliable water projects to communities in sub-Saharan Africa who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation"

FORT started supporting projects in 2020 and will continue to do so to assist the development of Borehole Wells & Hand Pumps in areas of need.

Education is at the forefront of FORT and the lack of water resources in the communities we donate to has a direct impact on children and their education. Having to fetch water in the mornings before attending school or after means putting their education at jeopardy.

Click on the link to read more on their impact and how to donate: The Water Project

Fathers M.I.A.

Working towards strengthening one of the most important relationships in people's lives, Fathers M.I.A. has an amazing Vision!

"To turn the hearts of the Fathers back towards their children, and the hearts of the children back towards their fathers".

They work tirelessly on their Mission...

"To change the world. As we strengthen fathers, we strengthen families, thereby adding strength to society, which will ultimately change the world".

Through the King Solomon Award Scholarship, FORT has provided graduating high school students with financial assistance to further their educational ambitions.

For more information on their organization and their impact, Click Here