At the onset of the new year, the dedicated team members of FORT International had the privilege of convening with FATHER’s MIA, a steadfast organization we’ve proudly supported since 2019. FATHER’s MIA operates with a noble mission—to bridge the gap between fathers, children, and families, facilitating access to essential resources within our communities for our young ladies and gentlemen.

Father's MIA Event

This initial gathering served as an invaluable platform for engaging directly with students, imparting insights into our organization’s mission and values. We took the opportunity to engage in candid discussions with students about life beyond high school, shedding light on the multifaceted landscape that lies ahead. Topics ranged from navigating the financial intricacies of college, the significance of scholarships, to the prevailing issue of student debt that plagues many college-goers today.

Father's MIA Event

Furthermore, amidst these enriching conversations, we unveiled a beacon of hope—the King Solomon Award Scholarship. This scholarship initiative stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to empowering young minds, providing them with the means to pursue their academic aspirations and carve out promising futures for themselves.

Father's MIA Event


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