New 2023-2024 Water Project

In the spirit of our commitment to sustainable development goals, FORT International is excited to announce our new water project for the 2023-2024 year. We are proud to stand behind SDG 6, clean water and sanitation, by partnering with The Water Project organization. With a reputation for facilitating access to clean, safe, and reliable water throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, The Water Project aligns perfectly with our mission to create positive change in communities around the world.

Our focus for this year’s water project is the (St. Gerald Sasala Primary School) in Kenya, where we are supporting the implementation of a new borehole wash project. This project holds particular significance to us as it serves not only the school but the entire surrounding community, providing water access to over 500 people. We are passionate about the transformative impact that access to clean water can have on communities, empowering individuals with improved health, education, and economic opportunities.

Throughout the year, FORT International will be actively involved in fundraising efforts to support this project, ensuring its successful implementation and long-term sustainability. By collaborating with The Water Project and investing in initiatives like the (St. Gerald Sasala Primary School) borehole wash project, we are taking meaningful steps towards achieving universal access to clean water and sanitation, and we are honored to play a part in positively impacting the lives of those in need.


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