FORT International’s Easter Outreach with The Miami Caring Place: Spreading Joy and Support Within Our Community

At FORT International, the spirit of giving knows no bounds. 

This Easter, our organization embarked on a heartwarming mission to serve the local community in need. This was all possible through our friends at The Caring Place. From providing Easter baskets filled with goodies to serving delicious meals and extending a helping hand, our team dedicated themselves to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others on April 7th, 2023!

FORT’s Contribution of Easter Baskets Brimming with Joy: 

The joy of Easter in our communities was possible as FORT International along with other supporting companies and individuals contributed over 1,200 Easter baskets to individuals and families in our community. These baskets were more than just a collection of treats; they were symbols of hope and happiness, brightening the day of those facing adversity. Here are some pictures of the baskets we created and our Chief of Staff, at the Easter Basket tent.

A Feast of Generosity

As part of our commitment to serving those in need, our staff rolled up their sleeves and served a feast fit for a celebration alongside other community volunteers. Over 200 turkeys, accompanied by all the trimmings, were lovingly prepared and served to hundreds of individuals. From the homeless men, women and at risk children, to local residents, no one was left hungry on this special occasion.

Despite the calendar saying Good Friday, the spirit of Thanksgiving permeated the air as FORT International embarked on this outreach mission thanks to the invitation from Lianner Navarro, the Community Development Manager. 


Thanksgiving on Good Friday Outreach at a Glance (All Centers):

  • Meals Served: Over 2,000
  • Homeless Intake:  Nearly 40
  • Foot Washing/Care Services Received: Nearly 700
  • Clothing Given: Over 5,000
  • Hygiene Bags Given: Nearly 1,200
  • Easter Baskets Given: Over 1,200
  • Showers: Over 80
  • # People Prayed With: Over 600
  • Volunteers: Over 250

The numbers speak volumes, Thank you to The Caring Place and Lianner for all you do! 

If you are looking for ways to give back and don’t know where to start, contact Lian at The Caring Place for more information at 305-572-2004 or via email at


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