On December 13th, FORT participated in The Caring Place’s annual toy sorting event, showcasing their unwavering commitment once again! This organization consistently sets new standards for community outreach, and the sheer dedication poured into orchestrating this event left us utterly impressed.

Upon arriving at the facility, we encountered a meticulously organized array of toys, sorted by gender and age groups. Every item was thoughtfully placed into bags designated for the families registered for the event, highlighting the careful planning and execution behind the scenes.

The Caring Place toy sorting event

10 cases 

Donation  of Trash Liners for Toy Sorting 1,000 plastic bags

Provided toys and gifts for 700 families, totaling 7,000 toys. Special thanks to The Miami Rescue Mission Clinic and our dedicated volunteers for their invaluable assistance.

played a crucial role in touching the lives of homeless men, women, and children in our Miami and Broward County communities.

Your unwavering belief in our vision, “No One is Homeless,”

Volunteer Opportunities: Sign up for volunteer opportunities at www.caringplace.org/volunteer


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